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Why Curved Papers?

Curved Papers solve the classic RYO problem: with square papers, if you don’t keep your top and bottom edge parallel, your front corner doesn’t tuck.

That’s what makes it tricky to Roll Your Own. That’s why you’re always having to fiddle around with the corners of traditional rectangular rolling papers, and why putting one of those papers into a single-cigarette rolling machine is so difficult.


In the 1970’s, cut-corners were introduced to solve this problem, they gave you some tolerance for not having your edges perfectly, parallel, but they were funny-looking and initially, nobody liked them. Nobody explained them. Elegant Curved Papers are an innovative improvement, functionally and visually. Many times easier than cut-corners, you just roll straight up the middle every time.

Our Customers

Our customers come from all corners of the globe. Young, old. Recreational, medical. Legal smokers of all stripes.

At home in the US, with our dear neighbors to the North and South, in Europe and around the world, Curved Papers people appreciate fine quality, design, and engineering. There is something simply natural about flower, paper, and fire. The aesthetic and functional quality of the easy to roll curved edge can be applied to any of your favorite rolling papers and wraps.

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